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Houston Chronicle Oct 13, 2022


KUT Radio Sept. 20, 2022

The Economist Sept 15, 2022
San Antonio Express Sept 14, 2022
Newsweek Sept 14, 2022

Tdpel Media Sept. 10, 2022

Politico Sept 9, 2022 This Is What the GOP Has Unleashed

Reform Austin Sept 2, 2021 MAGA Has Been Redefined by Texans; It Now Stands for "Mothers Against Greg Abbott"

CBS Austin August 2021 - Parents rally in support of masks until vaccine is available for children under 12

San Antonio Express News August 31, 2022 'Fight like a mother': Texas moms organize on Facebook to push back on Abbott's face mask policies.

My San Antonio Aug 19, 2022

Texas Tribune - August 11, 2022 A new MAGA: Mothers Against Greg Abbott mobilizes against the incumbent governor seeking a third term

Huffington Post - August 11, 2022 New MAGA Mothers Against Greg Abbott - Gears up for Texas Election

Dallas Observer - August 11, 2022 Another Battle of the Billboards: Mothers Against Greg Abbott Take on Texas' Governor

Newsweek -  August 9, 2022: Abortion Activist Slam Abbott FBI Raid Claim: 'Try Being a a Woman in Texas'

Daily Kos - August 4, 2022 Nancy Thompson's MAGA train Mothers Against Greg Abbott may just run down the Texas governor

Liberty Voice - July 31, 2022 MAGA Mothers Against Greg Abbott

Vanity Fair - July 30, 2022  "Who the F--k Is Greg?" Election Ad Roasts Texas Gov Greg Abbott Abortion Ban

Houston Chronicle - July 28, 2022 Meet Mothers Against Greg Abbott, the other 'MAGA' in Texas going viral on social media

Dallas Morning News - July 28, 2022 How One Texas Woman's Protest Led to Mothers Against Greg Abbott and it's Viral Abortion Ad

Clio Muse - July 28, 2022  Inside the Tragicomic Abortion Ad Now Going Viral in Texas

Washington Post July 28, 2022  In viral Ad, doctor calls Texas Governor to get permission for Abortion

Dallas Observer - July 27, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott Say "No' to Texas Republican Governor in New Viral Ad

My San Antonio July 27, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott's video shows abortion isn't 'black and white'

She Explores Life:  July 27, 2022 'Mothers Against Greg Abbott' Spank the Texas Governor in Viral Ad 

Bloomberg News - Mothers Against Greg Abbott Group Goes Viral With Abortion Ad Attacking Greg Abbott

The Drum July 27, 2022 Texas Moms' group attacks governor Greg Abbott with satirical abortion ad

Salon - July 27, 2022 "Barbaric" Texas abortion ban turned one woman's wanted pregnancy into a "dystopian nightmare"

People Magazine - July 26, 2022: 'Mothers Against Greg Abbott' Campaign Ad Criticizes Texas Governor's Abortion Ban

Unilad - July 26 - PSA from Mothers Against Greg Abbott Goes Viral for Showing The Realities of Abortion in the US

Chron July 26 Doctor asks Gov. Greg Abbott if he'll allow an abortion in viral political ad

Medialite - July 25, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC releases Scathing Abortion Ad Portraying Doctor Having to Call Texas Gov to Approve Procedure

Huffington Post - July 25, 2022: Political Ad Shows Doctor Asking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott If He'll Allow An Abortion

San Antonio Express News - July 24, 2022 'Mothers Against Greg Abbott' video criticizing Texas governor goes viral

Motherly - July 22, 2022: Powerful "Mothers Against Greg Abbott'

ScaryMommy - July 21, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott's Powerful Viral Video: 'We're Ready to Fight' 

MSNBC - July 20, 2022: Gov. Greg Abbott should have known not to mess with Texas mamas

Los Angeles Blade July 19, 2022 Moms in Texas declare war on Governor Abbott & far-right Politicos

Hill Country Reporter July 19, 2022  My kinda MAGA: Mothers Against Greg Abbott 

Politics USA - July 19, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott Declare They Are Ready To Fight To Make Texas Safe Again

My San Antonio July 19, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott release new ad opposing the Texas Governor

Chron. July 19, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott releases 'ready to fight' ad denouncing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

CW39  July 19, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott voice need for change in Texas 

The Advocate July 19, 2022 Texas Moms' Group Seeks to Take Down Anti-LGBTQ+ Gov. Greg Abbott

Newsweek - July 18, 2022: Mothers Against Greg Abbott say they're "ready to fight" Texas Gov in Video

Our Community Now July 18, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott Say They're 'Ready to Fight' Texas Gov in Video

Texas Tribune - July 15, 2022: At Texas Democratic Party Convention, Recognition of high stakes and a tough road ahead

Texas Tribune - June 1, 2022 - After Uvalde school shooting, Beto O'Rourke renews cals to ban assault weapons

Burnet - May 11, 2022 - Burnet Country Democrats to host Mothers Against Greg Abbott founder



War of the Words

Dirty Moderate

Attitude: Arnie Arnesen Sept 13, 2022



NPR - August 8, 2022:  Texas Gov Abbott's lead over Democratic challenger O'Rourke is narrowing

Texas Public Radio August 8, 2022: Texas Gov Abbott's lead over Democratic challenger O'Rourke is narrowing

Texas Standard August 12, 2022: Go to 26 min mark


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Spectrum News - August 3, 2021 Political PAC creates viral ads targeting Gov. Greg Abbott. 


MSNBC - July 30, 2022 Mothers Against Greg Abbott's viral ad a new messaging model?


KXAN - Austin - July 24, 2022  Mothers Against Greg Abbott voice a need for change in Texas


MSNBC: July 24, 2022 Texas Moms form new group to vote Governor Greg Abbott out of office


KHOU  - Houston July 19, 2022  "The time to fight for Texas is Now, Mothers Against Greg Abbott goes viral over attack ad" 


Youtube September 26, 2022


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