About Mothers Against Greg Abbott

Mothers Against Greg Abbott began as a one-woman protest and became an overnight movement with thousands of parents flooding social media with stories of their children and family members placed in harm's way by Greg Abbott's policy failures. 

As parents, we know that Greg Abbott is not protecting our children. Texas parents spent the summer of 2021 waiting for COVID numbers to drop, but instead we saw sudden increases of the Delta variant spread across the South and into Texas. Governor Abbott made masks optional with statewide Executive Orders, and, as Delta ravaged the state, he dug his heels in with optional mask guidance. On Thursday August 5th, the Texas Education Agency (T.E.A.) put out new guidance stating that schools are not required to inform parents of positive cases. Schools also do not have to conduct contact tracing and if a school does, parents can still choose to send a child to school if they are in close contact with an infected student. Despite Abbott's bewilderingly optimistic view of COVID, our pediatric hospitals are filling up fast!

For many of us, this fight isn't about culture wars. This is about Texas families. Texas families have experienced so much since the beginning of Abbott's tenure. We were abandoned in the Texas Freeze and made helpless when it came to protecting our kids from COVID. We refuse to put our heads in the sand for the passing of "constitutional carry" and abortion laws. We demand better governance. We deserve better than Greg Abbott and those that he surrounds himself with. 


We hope you join us in working together with others from across Texas to VOTE OUT these leaders that are not taking care of Texas families!


The Sign That Started It


I couldn’t sleep the night the T.E.A. issued its “guidance” before the school year. I felt angry and helpless, my anxiety high after a recent scare with my unvaccinated youngest who had come down with a random virus earlier that week. At this point, I realized that I had no way to protect my children when they go to school. Other than giving them a KN95 mask, I had nothing. 

The morning of Friday August 6th, I wrote down Mothers Against Greg Abbott on a Post-It note, inspired by movements like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Moms Demand Action. A lightbulb went off when I recognized the acronym - a MAGA I can finally believe in! So I grabbed my only two poster board sharpies (good thing they were red and blue) and wrote it down. 

In case that message didn’t fly, I wrote on the other side “Abbott Pro-Guns Pro-Covid Anti-Children.” I got ready and drove to downtown Austin and stood in front of the Capitol by myself. A protest of one mad Mother Against Greg Abbott.


I posted my picture on a Facebook board and Twitter. Passersby took my picture and posted it to their socials. Within hours I was not alone, but hundreds of people were liking and retweeting the images and message. A week later, I was no longer a lone Mother against Greg Abbott, but we were Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Kids, Women, Men, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers against Greg Abbott - a community, a family coming together.


It was Kathi Thomas who saw the potential for a movement when she reposted my MAGA poster to her Facebook page. It got so much feedback that she decided to create a Facebook group with the name, certain that I would find my way to it. Through mutual friends, Kathi and I met soon after, and Mothers Against Greg Abbott was officially formed by August 9th.

Our group is new and growing quickly, adding as many as 1000 members in a day. The message resonates, and there is power in numbers. We are still forming a long-term strategy and platform that will meet the needs of our membership group, but if there’s something I’m learning from each person that joins and posts their support, it’s how to fight like a mother.