Whose Choice

Nothing Changes

No Choice

Breaking Bread

Always and Forever 1 Min Version

First Day of School

Two Rooms

How Much Worse!

Us vs Them

You Hire Them, You Can Fire Them

Mating Game

Abbott Land Episode 1: Guns, Guns and More Guns

Abbottland Episode 2: Give me a Teacher

Abbottland Ep 4: Defund the Police

Abbottland Ep 6: Earmuffs

Hardened Schools Short

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Break down the GOP Socialist Agenda

Abbottland Ep 3 "We're Calling them Aliens"

No Greg, Nothing Could Be Worse

Abbottland Ep 5 It's a Slippery Slope

More Guns = More people Dead

MAGA Millions



Gang Back Together and Vote!

Number 1

Ann When People Don't Vote

Infrastructure is Coming to Texas

Always and Forever 30 sec

MAGA Millions

Lights Out

Watch they do, not what they say

We're rebuilding and working for you!

America is the Land of the free!

A future for all of us!

Ann on Women Running for Office

TwoRooms 30 Sec


Que Tejas Seremos?

Vote Democrat for Safety


Tejanos, nosotros valemos!

It's Time to Reject Division