2022 Candidate Webinars

Meet Texas Democratic Candidate Beto and Amy O'Rourke

Meet the Candidate Jay Kleberg for Texas Land Commissioner

Michelle Vallejo TX15

Meet Susan Hays, Democratic Candidate for Agricultural Commissioner

Meet Jay Kleberg, Texas Candidate for General Land Commissioner

Meet the Candidate Becca Moyer DeFelice (HD121), Roland Gutierrez (SC19), and Angi Aramburu (HD122)

Meet Rochelle Garza TX Candidate for AG

Mother Against Greg Abbott Interview Lee Merritt, TX Candidate for Attorney General

Meet Janut Dudding

Why is the Agriculture Commissioner important?

Meet Luke Warford

Meet the Candidate Rochelle Garza for Texas Attorney General

Meet the Candidate Jrmar Jefferson

Meet Titus Benton, Texas SD 17 Democratic Candidate

Mike Collier Meet the Candidate

Meet Texas Candidate Robin Fulford for US Congress TX-CD2

Meet Texas Democratic Candidates Kristin Johnson and Ginny Brown Daniel

Meet Luke Warford, Nominiee for Tx Railroad Commission

Meet the Candidate Mike Collier for Lt. Governor

Meet the Candidate Trey Hunt, US House 12 Congressional District

Meet Texas Democratic Candidates Kevin Morris, Britney Verdell, and Coach Cam

Meet the Candidate Janet Dudding for Texas Comptroller

Meet the Candidate Colin Allred

Meet the Candidate: Matthew Dowd TX running Lt. Gov

Meet Jinny Suh Candidate for Land Commissioner

Meet Texas Senate Candidates Gwen Burud (SD9), Prince Giadolor (SD2) and Francine Ly (SD12)

Meet the Candidates for HD 24, Michael Creedon; HD 17, Madeline Eden; and HD 129, Kat Marvel

Meet Texas Candidates Julie Johnson (HD115), Denise Wooten (HD63) and Salman Bhojani (HD92)

Meet the Candidates D. Sherrard (HD94), M. Plesa (HD70) and Chuck Crews (HD128)

2022Oct17 JanMcDowell YouTube

Meet Texas Candidates Elva Curl (HD112), Jonathan Hildner (HD54) and Frank Ramirez (HD118)

Meet Kim Olson Candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair

Meet the Candidates Misty Bishop (SD4) and Josh Tuff (SD18)

Meet the Candidates Keith Henry (HD23) and Daniel Lee (HD26)