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2023 Mothers Report Card

Mothers Against Greg Abbott painstakingly went through the voting records of the last year to determine how our Texas elected officials voted on issues such as Women’s Health, LGBTQ+, Gun Safety, Border, Voting Rights, Energy & the Environment, and Public Education. We then graded them based on those votes.

We also provide a handy list of their top 10 funders as well as a short set of notes and recommendations. Please use these and share them widely with your friends and family. Together we can become informed and make a Texas government that works for all of us.

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Download a PDF of all report cards and methodology.

Mothers Against Greg Abbott, Mothers Report Card is a comprehensive overview of Texas State Legislature Votes. In our unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and the voices of everyday Texans, we present a powerful tool that empowers citizens to become informed advocates for their communities. The legislative process can often seem complex and opaque, leaving constituents searching for ways to hold their elected officials accountable. Our scorecard is designed to bridge this gap, offering a clear and concise assessment of how legislators have voted during this session. By distilling the intricacies of legislative decisions into an accessible format, we aim to provide a straightforward resource that allows every Texan to see if their representatives have aligned actions with promises, ensuring that democracy remains strong, vibrant, and responsive to the needs of those it serves.

Our Methodology 

– Grades in the A range:  legislators who proactively led in the designated area by authoring or co-authoring multiple good legislative proposals with positive votes on at least of the 90% tracked legislation in the designated area.  Identifies as a champion in the designated area.

– Grades in the B range:  legislators who had positive votes on at least 80% of the tracked legislation in the designated area; and authored/co-authored 0-1 good bill in the designated area.

– Grades in the C range:  legislators who had a mixed record (at least 70%).  They voted positive on some legislation and negative on others in the designated area.

– Grades in the D range:  legislators who voted negatively on MOST tracked bills in the designated area but did not author/co-author any negative legislation in the designated area.

– Grades in the F range:  legislators who authored one or more negative bills in the designated area.

Scale for grading

3.7 – 4.0 A

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