2022 Candidate Soundbites

Beto O'Rourke on Winning

Amy O'Rourke on Explaining SB8 to her Kids

What is the Permanent School Fund

Rochelle Garza on KenPaxton

Roland Gutierrez on Reproductive Rights

Cody Grace on Education

Janet Dudding Why I'm Running

Robin Fulford on Values

Michelle Vallejo on Supporting Women

Jay Kleberg on the Veterans Board

Luke Warford on Tx Energy Future

Janet Dudding On What Is Crossing the Line

Sheena King on Democracy

Is Collin Allred thinking about running against Ted Cruz

Beto O'Rourke on Gun Violence

Trey Hunt -Do we really want Trump's America?

Roland Gutierrez on Gun Safety

Rochelle Garza Why she's running for AG

Susan Hays2Abortion

Amy O'Rourke on Campaigning and Family

Becca DeFelice on Climate Change

Jay Kleberg on Veterans

Rochelle Garza She will be the peoples lawyer

Dr. Suleman Lalani on being a first

Jay Kleburg Energy

Why is the Agriculture Commissioner important?

Cody Grace on why he is running

Rochelle Garza on the Border

Becca DeFelice on Reproductive Rights

Trey Hunt on Kay Granger's failures

Roland Gutierrez on Climate Change

Sheena King on why she is running

Roland Gutierrez on Energy

Janet Dudding Why I'm Running

Becca DeFelice on Education

Robin Fulford Protecting People

Jay Kleburg Land Fragmentation

Becca DeFelice on Gun Safety

Cody Grace on SB8

Dr. Suleman Lalani on Healthcare

Luke Warford Role of Railroad Commission

Jay Kleberg Why Jay is Running for Office