We’re Fighting for Texas Families

Mothers Against Greg Abbott State PAC is a group of Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents from across Texas who want change for Texas Families.  We are a diverse group of Texans who are a mix of Democrats, Moderate Republicans and Independents who are ready to work together for change for Texas.  We know that change isn’t going to come from the left or right but from those of us in the middle.  While we don’t agree on every topic, we all agree that we need change in Texas in 2022 if we want Texas families and communities to thrive again.


Who are we fighting for?


1. Fighting for our Families: childrens health, caring for our eldery, health care, helping those unemployed, and assistance with housing evictions


2. Fighting for our Schools:  safety from school shootings, supporting masking mandates for students safetly, and supporting school teachers, librarians, administrators and school boards.


3. Fighting for our Communities: supporting our essential workers, vaccinte mandates, voting rights, stopping gerrymandering, supporting Military families, and LGBTQIA+ rights. Finding time to make community more accepting, kind and with respect common decency.


4. Fighting for Families in Texas:  Demand the Texas Grid be fixed, create a plan for Texas energy that looks foward and plans for globarl  investiment infrastructure, expansion of broadband especially in Rural Texas, support public schools, health care especially for Rural Texas, rural communities, and those that think against the new Texas abortion law went a bit too far.

How to get involved:

Join our Facebook Group - Please be patient if it takes some time to be accepted - we have mods working around the clock.

Contribute to the Cause - we will be reopening the store in January for donations for the PAC and swag. 

Volunteer Time to Help Us Grow - We need volunteers to help moderate the group, create content, plan activities like protests and Meet-The-Candidate gatherings, and so many other things. The more active help we have, the more this group can accomplish! 

Mothers Against Greg Abbott began as a one-woman protest and became an overnight movement with thousands of parents flooding social media with stories of their children and family members placed in harm's way by Greg Abbott's policy failures. That our group has come together and grown so rapidly in such a short time is a reflection of the number of Texas citizens whose concerns have gone ignored, unseen, and uncared for by our state government.  Our goal is to place a bullhorn firmly in front of the voices of all our Texan families so that they’ll be heard loud and clear. We demand change.

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