We’re Fighting for Texas Families

Mothers Against Greg Abbott is for anyone, concerned citizens from any kind of family or political background, who wants to make Texas a safer and better place for families and children. Everyone is welcome in our mission to find common ground and be good neighbors to one another. Our hope is that no matter which of our goals you align yourself with, you’ll join our chorus of voices. 

How to get involved:

Join our Facebook Group - Please be patient if it takes some time to be accepted - we have mods working around the clock.

Contribute to the Cause - We are working on a way to accept donations, but for now, purchases from our store help fund our cause. We are working our way towards accepting donations but for now all profits from the store will be saved to help us fund Mothers Against Greg Abbott to help develop a PAC. 

Volunteer Time to Help Us Grow - We need volunteers to help moderate the group, create content, plan activities like protests and Meet-The-Candidate gatherings, and so many other things. The more active help we have, the more this group can accomplish! 

Mothers Against Greg Abbott began as a one-woman protest and became an overnight movement with thousands of parents flooding social media with stories of their children and family members placed in harm's way by Greg Abbott's policy failures. That our group has come together and grown so rapidly in such a short time is a reflection of the number of Texas citizens whose concerns have gone ignored, unseen, and uncared for by our state government.  Our goal is to place a bullhorn firmly in front of the voices of all our Texan families so that they’ll be heard loud and clear. We demand change.

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