Texas is in a war to not only save our public schools, but fully fund public schools.  We need Texas to say NO to vouchers.

  • Vouchers are bad for students with disabilities -  students with disabilities have zero protections under federal law with private schools and private schools are fighting to keep it that way if they get vouchers passed. They don’t employ certified teachers nor do they have to provide due process in case of disagreement about student services. Parents have legal rights and recourse in public schools that they do not have in private schools. They do not need to accept and retain students with disabilities, including those with 504s and IEPs.
  • Vouchers are expensive, the state has already chose to fund and give money to charter schools. Money for vouchers will come straight out of neighborhood public school funding.  Funding yet a 3rd system will only serve to make the first two weaker.  Texas is currently near the bottom of school funding per student.  This will exacerbate the issue. 
  • Parents already have school choice: Texas parents already have the choice of where to send their child within public schools themselves.  We have magnet schools, fine art academies, college-preparatory and early-college high school, Montessori, dual language, and community schools as well as a full range of programs and services. 
  • Vouchers eliminate the transparency and pubic accountability.  Because private schools are not held to the same regulations and laws for accountability that public schools are held. In Arizona the people receiving vouchers primarily came from wealthy zip codes, where wealthy families used vouchers to subsidize their private spending. 
  • Vouchers give choices to private schools and not parents. While public schools must admit all students, private schools do not. They will chose those that will cost them the least to educate. So at-risk students, special needs students are most likely never to be accepted into private schools. 
  • Still a lot of unknowns - What happens if a student leaves the private school within the school year, what happens to the money? Do public schools that are already underfunded have to absorb that cost?

 What do we want?

  • We need fully funded Public Schools!
  • Teacher need pay raises!
  • Retired teachers deserve an increase on their pension. 

And we need these things for our communities more than we need to subsidize private schools that don't have to be accountable for any of our tax dollars. 

What can you do? 

Contact your legislator and the House Public Education Committee. 

Go here to find your legislator: 

Also call all these Legislators on the Public Education Committee: 

Chair-Brad Buckley 512-463-0684

VChair-Alma Allen 512-463-0744

Rep Steve Allison 512-463-0686

Rep Charles Cunningham 512-463-0520

Rep Harold Dutton Jr 512-463-0510

Rep Cody Harris 512-463-0730

Rep Brian Harrison 512-463-0516

Rep Cole Hefner 512-463-0271

Rep Gina Hinojosa 512-463-0668

Rep Ken King 512-463-0736

Rep Oscar Longoria 512-463-0645 

Rep Matt Schaefer 512-463-0584

Rep James Talarico 512-463-0821


Tell them to vote NO on these bills. 

HB 619

HB 3781 

HB 4340

HB 4807

HB 4969 


Here's a script you can use to call.

Hi I'm a taxpayer in Texas and I want my tax dollars to go toward public schools, not private schools. I know there's a House Education Committee going on right now that have a whole host of bills on school vouchers. I don't support school vouchers, and I hope Rep X stands with public schools.




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