Welcome to Gilead, the State Formerly Known as Texas

Posted by Nancy on Sep 5th 2021

Welcome to Gilead, the State Formerly Known as Texas

Welcome to Gilead, the State Formerly Known as Texas

Where were you Wednesday September 1, 2021 when Roe vs Wade died? If you are like most women across the United States you watched the clock strike midnight with deep anger and you woke up to a new fear. The new law signed by Republican Trumper Governor Greg Abbott in May 2021, SB8 prohibits abortion as early as as 6 weeks, once a heartbeat has been detected, but before most women even know they are pregnant.

If this law is allowed to continue, it would essentially override Roe vs Wade which has been the law legalizing abortion since 1973. 

We went to sleep in Texas and we woke up in Gilead. Because these laws don't just outlaw abortion, they allow people to turn someone in and sue them for having an abortion, driving someone to an abortion, or helping someone get an abortion. There is actually a set bounty up to $10,000 plus legal fees for turning someone in for having an abortion. With no legal penalties for the plaintiff if the suit fails. 

At 6 am on Sept 1st, I drove my teenage daughter to swim team and on the way back I had "the talk" with her.  No, not the birds and bees "talk." The new "talk" Mothers just like me are having with their teenage daughters and sons across the state of Texas.  I explained the new law and how it works. I asked her to promise me that if she needs birth control at anytime to trust me enough to know I am a safe place for her. If she find herself pregnant she needs to tell me and my husband first.  Not the guy she is dating because he could rat her out and make $10,000 by turning her in. She cannot trust anyone but her parents. Because the law is such that it creates a breakdown of trust in community.  No one is safe.  I still remember the wild gossip spread about girls in high school and college who got pregnant. It was often from the mean girls. Think about it would the mean girls and boys pass the opportunity to make $10,000 off ratting out a girl they don't like? Yeah probably not. 

I told her how much this reminded me of things that happened during World War II where the level of fear was palatable.  This is what we have become in the new Texas we are now calling Gilead.  We have replaced Bless your Heart with Blessed be the Fruit.  

It has taken us over 25 years of extreme Republican governance to become a Draconian society. During this time we have seen women's healthcare across this state take hit.  More black women die in childbirth than white women.  That there is a lack of access to health care in Rural Texas. If you break it down by color and socio economic the numbers for healthcare access is several times lower for women of color than of white women.  Each time the Texas Legislature had come together for the last 20 years they have consistently chipped away at a woman's right to choose, protections for child support, healthcare access, and support for single parents. While companies in Texas have become wealthy we have seen stagnant minimum wages.  Making it hard for families to get ahead as Texas cities and towns get more expensive.  It seems like families today have lost a lot during our transition to Gilead. 

But there is one thing we haven't lost and that is the RIGHT TO VOTE. So I implore all my fellow Texans, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Non Voters to VOTE. Starting this November 2021 till Nov 2022 when we vote Greg Abbott out of office you need to show up!  Not just to vote, but to donate to people running at all levels.   Greg Abbott has a campaign bankroll of $38 million for the 2022 election.  We need to show up, vote, donate, work harder and be smarter, and kick him out of office.  Our communities depend on it, especially the women. Quit letting the Republican party continue to divide us.  It is time to Love our Neighbors again!  We need healthy Texas families and this law SB8 is not the answer. 

Please join our cause, we are Women Against Greg Abbott and we want to Fight for Texas Families!