Posted by By: Chelsy Magee on Oct 6th 2022

Our Chapters

Mother’s Against Greg Abbott Chapters

BIG NEWS! In August 2022, Mother’s Against Greg Abbott officially rolled out our chapters across the State! In total we have OVER forty unique chapters representing their area of the state made up of over 1000 members and counting. The goal of our chapters is to elect a full slate of Democratic candidates who support our core values and who will give Texas families a seat at the table again. Our chapters are working to establish relationships with local partners such as County Democratic Party Offices and local candidates to get involved and support where needed.

How do we support our chapters? Mother’s Against Greg Abbott has been developing impactful messaging and ad’s to be shared up until election day, we have designed and strategically placed over 26 billboards across the State, we have been conducting candidate spotlights and webinars upwards of three times a week all of which are recorded and available on our youtube channel and shared across social media. We have provided the correct data and messaging for the post card campaigns to ensure we are maximizing the message per area of the state. To this date our chapters have sent thousands of post cards out. During the first week of October we have rolled out our official texting campaign to continue to spread valuable information across the state. 

How do our chapters offer support to their communities? Our chapter members are getting involved locally with other groups and representing Mother’s Against Greg Abbott at local events. They are also involved with leading the post card campaigns to get out important information that’s specific to their local areas. Chapters are also involved with texting, block walking, getting involved with local school board elections and most importantly helping to get out the vote in their local communities.

For anyone interested in learning more about becoming a member of our chapter please fill out the volunteer form below and a chapter leader will get in touch with you.

For any other questions or concerns please contact