HB 25 - Banning Transgender Athletes from Sports

Posted by Stephani Bercu on Oct 23rd 2021

HB 25 - Banning Transgender Athletes from Sports

We asked fellow Mothers Against Greg Abbott member Stephani Bercu to share some information about HB 25 which bans Transgender athletes from participating in sports.

HB 25 passed out of committee tonight.

It wants to ban transgender athletes from participating in sports that affirm their gender identity.

  • 13,800 transgender youth 13-17 in TX (UCLA School of Law Sept. 2020)
  • 20% of transgender youth who are not out participate in athletics (max 2760 out of 13,800)
  • 13% of Out transgender youth participate in athletics (max 1794 out of 13, 800)   {June 2020 Trevor Project}
  • there are between 3240-3565 High Schools in TX (high-schools.com)

Basically 2 transgender Athletes per TX High School

Rep Swanson (author of HB25) says this bill is to “protect girls’s sports.”

Amendment 15 would have required teachers and coaches to have sexual harassment training and sexual assault prevention training. It was withdrawn on point of order.

This amendment only help girls sports. This amendment address a problem that has data supporting it’s existence in our state.

If this amendments could not be added to a bill to “protect girls sports” is that really the goal of the bill?

The author of the bill could not name 1 instance in TX where a trans female athlete injured or took away a spot from a cisgender girl athlete.

The only example in TX UIL was Mack Beggs. A trans man who was forced to compete as a woman by current UIL rules which HB25 is trying to codify into law.

So current UIL rules requires an athlete to play based on gender on birth certificate. Which is why Mack Beggs, was forced to wrestle girls (he wanted to wrestle boys).

Let that sink in…the only example they have as reason for the bill… is actually what is currently happening and will continue to happen when the bill is passed.